What is Email Marketing?

Communication WITH not TO your subscribers

Because of its permission based nature and the fact that its respective object is users’ mailbox, it represents the most intimate “place” on the Internet. As such, Email Marketing has many advantages: it’s personal, fast, cost effective, interactive and environment-friendly. Not only that it brings in amazing results in retention, engagement and sales but some real time in-depth stats to build new or tweak existing messages across all channels.

Why Email Marketing?

Harness the Power of the Most Intimate Place on the Internet

High Versatility

Email is one of the most versatile mediums of digital communication. We like to call it “The Most Intimate Place on the Internet”.

Technologically Advanced

Your complex email patterns require deep understanding of the underlying technology and best practices of both email preparation and delivery.

Results Oriented

“You are what your KPIs tell you.” This is one of the driving forces behind our idea of our Enterprise Level Email Marketing Service.

Our Services

Audit and Consultation

We’ll do a full audit of your email program,
followed by a consultation call and action steps
document that you can take away.

Email Marketing Automation

Automate your current email processes or create new ones
that run on autopilot while you’re doing other important things.


If you’re sending from your own infrastructure, delivering emails
into inbox is very complicated. We are here to help you achieve that.


A brand new email marketing automation strategy
for your new or existing product or service.
You’ll get a full set of documents and charts for you to implement.


We will crunch through your email delivery and engagement
data and find opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Full Hands-on support

Imagine that you just hired an entire email marketing team
but paid for only one person. On a yearly contract,
our entire team is at your disposal.